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Community Service and Social Action

Inspired by Victor Bashkeev, a student in Russia who learned to better deal with the struggles of cerebral palsy after learning Zhong Xin Dao, Holly Pope decided to devote her time for children with CP at CoachArt, an organization that creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. 

When asked for words of encouragement to the ZXD community, Holly believes if ILC instructors around the world are to share the the Zhong Xin Dao experience, be it with the elderly, individuals dealing with cerebral palsy, maybe autism, the blind, veterans, or even the homeless community, it'd be rewarding to your own training. Due of the unique physical condition of these children, Holly has to change with the change when teaching the exercises and was able to gain through the experience.  

Holly's goal is "... for differently abled children to have fun, to learn the discipline, focus, structure and fun with Martial Arts training.” She wants to continue working with kids and building the I Liq Chuan / Zhong Xin Dao kids community and have them grow in the art.

She wants anyone and everyone to experience the art.



"Give it, share it. Share that experience and it'll give back to you ten fold.  
You give your time and energy, your love, your Zhong Xin Dao path, it comes right back." 

In the photo, her 10 year old student Caliah with CP is non-verbal. After training I Liq Chuan and going through the Zhong Xin Dao process for a period of time as well as receiving body work by Holly, she states that Caliah falls less and her spastic side can let go easier. Most importantly she's having fun while training.   



If you're an non-profit organization, nursing home, or hospital looking to develop similar programs, please contact Yen Chin at  

We would love to share with you the benefits of training physical and mental awareness through martial arts.